Quadrennial Fire Review Idea and Feedback Tips

There are two primary ways to participate in the QFR Crowdsourcing site—by submitting an original idea or by giving feedback to ideas that have already been submitted. Feedback is given by agreeing with or submitting a comment to refine an existing idea that is in the community.

Below are some tips for an idea submission and for feedback:

Idea Submission Tips

  • Remember that the QFR is oriented to strategic, long-term issues and ideas (10-20 years in the future).
  • Write your solution in a way that can be understood by anyone in the QFR Crowdsourcing community regardless of their level or expertise.
  • Use plain language so everyone can understand your idea and evaluate it fairly.
  • Keep your idea short and concise. Start your write-up with a "teaser" description that summarizes the idea's main points or benefits.
  • Spell out all acronyms on first reference.
  • Include reference materials that may be helpful to understanding the context of your idea. For example, if there is an existing study related to your solution, include a link to the research in your submission.
  • Tell us why your solution is important to include in the QFR and what may happen if this issue is not addressed.
  • All solutions should be actionable suggestions that address the area of concern’s question. Reserve commentary, questions, or other thoughts to the comments section.

Idea Feedback Tips

Ideas should be evaluated according to specific guiding principles for community feedback, to support evaluation by program staff for inclusion in the 2014 Quadrennial Fire Review (QFR).

Consider these evaluation principles when giving feedback on the ideas:

Wild Ideas: Challenges, Risks, and Opportunities

  • QFR Alignment: Is this issue or proposal relevant scope and time horizon of the QFR?
    • Impact. Does this issue directly impact future effects on wildland fire management?
    • Relevance. Does this issue solve a relevant problem?
    • Topic Fit. Does this idea fit within the scope of the four areas of concern or wild card?
  • Long-term benefit. Does this issue help the QFR reach its vision?
    • How many organizations can benefit from this idea?
    • Does the suggested idea look out into the future 10-20 years?

    Commenting Tips

    When commenting on the ideas in the site, share constructive feedback or advice to help refine the idea:

    • Provide commentary, questions, or other thoughts above and beyond the submitted idea
    • Help the author evolve their thinking or give insight they may not have considered
    • Share suggestions for applying the idea to different challenges, risks, or opportunities