Future #1: Hot, Dry, and Out of Control

Awareness of the Fire Environment

- Gaps exist in knowledge of the fire environment risk, crew movements and communications strategy.

- There are perceived increased, significant weather events and convective changes.

- There seem to be stagnant development in situation awareness, placing fire fighters at risk.

Submitted by (@heath.hockenberry)

What information could help mitigate the risks presented by this future?:

- And answer to the question - exactly where are all the people on the fire, in real time?

- Direct communications and intelligence aimed at clarifying safety zones and escape routes.

- Real-time fire progression maps, related to approaching weather.

- Real-time fire detection, immediately communicated to fire managers and weather experts.

What information could help capitalize on opportunities presented by this future? :

- An ICS “Fire Environment” Section (IMET, FBAN, LTAN, GSAN), responsible for delivering fire environment products that take a more holistic view of the fire environment for short term briefings and incorporate resources and objectives in mid and long term planning.

- A National Fire Environment Center (analogous to the National Hurricane Center)


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