Future #1: Hot, Dry, and Out of Control

How did we get to hot, dry, out of control future?

- I think the trends of decreasing fuels treatments, decreasing fire suppression budgets, limited funding for adequate fire safety training and employee development, more homes in the WUI, and potential climate change led to this future.

- More uncoordinated private "fire protection" through insurance companies will add to firefighter risk and injury.

Submitted by (@karenmiranda)

What information could help mitigate the risks presented by this future?:

- Accurate, credible models of what happens to fire activity and suppression costs as fuels treatments decline; and alternately, how investing in fuels treatments in specific areas would reduce fire behavior and decrease suppression risk and cost.

- Credible economic insurance models to determine what fire prevention/suppression costs or insurance costs should be borne by those benefiting: property owners, business owners on public lands, etc.

What information could help capitalize on opportunities presented by this future? :

- Business data on profits accrued/investment gains by public land users or property owners adjacent to public lands.

-Examining models from other countries on sharing fire prevention/ suppression responsibility and costs.


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