Future #3 – Resilient Landscapes

Healthy Future

- The agencies got wiser and more serious about educating the public and Congress for the long-term, rather than focusing on year-to-year funding issues. - Agencies engaged all sectors of society in supporting activities which lead to this healthy, rationale future. - Educated and every more vocal public began demanding more "fire prevention" (i.e. Rx fire) to check fire danger, perhaps even staging protests upon Congress, ...more »

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Technology and Program Infrastructure

Digital Spray Hose System

I am developing a spray hose system that has ball valves every 200 meters. These valves allow for enabling a water curtain in selected segments of a long hose lay. Each ball valve is operated by a digital network that runs on a wire pair embedded in the hoses. The spacing could be much more than 200 meters. The hose with embedded wire already exists from All American Hose. The Dir of Engineering at Hale Products has ...more »

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