Future #2 – Super Fire Administration



FS using P-code savings when DOI can not, declining the DOI firefighting organization continually. Continuation of cross agency fires especially in the WUI environment with State and Private sector having, but not liking, to take more responsibility.

Submitted by (@tracyswenson)

What changes to strategy, organizational structure, capabilities, & infrastructure would be needed?:

Strategy would have to be geared towards better/more intense protection of values at risk. Values at risk would be more human based, like infrastructure, smoke impacts to large urban area's, and the WUI geographical regions particularly. No more timber, cheat grass, wildlife or land based values driving fire strategy/tactics.

Unfortunately IMO, we'd have to be more structured, likend to military or R5 organizationally. Probably still have regions but not necessarily what we have now.

What information could help mitigate the risks presented by this future?:

Explaining to line officers that they no longer lead the Fire program on a local basis. Show them the pro's and con's of this and TELL them not ask them if it's going to work. Resdide to the fact that the ones that have to experience the change will be unhappy until they are retired, and educate and incorporate the new line officers into the program as they come into place. This will also be important at the local and State GOV levels but don't have the experience to address that


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