Evolving Risk in Public and Firefighter Safety

Re-think the Investment Strategy in the Firefighting Workforce

A different approach to investment in firefighting workforce is needed. Budget cuts are reducing the number and quality of the on-the-ground firefighting workforce. Budget cuts always seem to land at the field more than at the national level. Continued and increased investment in the firefighting workforce is necessary in order to maintain capacity to respond to wildfire as well as mitigate fire hazards. Declining ...more »

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"Wild Card" Issues

Complete restructuring of forest and fire management is vital!

I am really distressed about the disconnect between forest ecology/fire ecology and the status quo of forest and fire management. These two professions work on the same issues yet worlds apart. Forest management must shift to creating more resilient ecosystems rather than waiting until there is a wildfire and sending in the cavalry. Fuels/forest management funding is constantly being cut, but wildfire may soon qualify ...more »

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