Evolving Risk in Public and Firefighter Safety

Prevent Scope Creep in Wildland operations when WUI becomes involved

Increasingly, Wildland firefighters find themselves in the midst of dynamic environments in the WUI assigned to tasks that they have not trained for. Type 1 IC's even recently commented at the WUI summit that "we now have type 1 crews cutting decks off of burning houses and running bulldozers through backyards" to do structure protection. IC's must have the courage and integrity to avoid assigning resources where they ...more »

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Technology and Program Infrastructure

Paying for fuels reduction with a biomass market

First, we need to look at forest biomass as a renewable, clean energy source. Burning those doghair thickets of pine will release the same CO2 whether in a wildfire that threatens life and property, or in a smokestack with catalytic scrubbers and electric/heat generation. Second, we need to weigh the cost of fighting those wildfires versus the cost of thinning and hauling ladder fuels STRATEGICALLY within 100’ of existing ...more »

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