Future #2 – Super Fire Administration

Super Fire Administration

- A Congress that is increasingly divided and can only agree on simple, basic, short-term solutions in order to run the country. - Political interests/lobbyists protecting big business interests who pressure Congress to spend more and more money to protect their interests. - The reality of larger fires, climate change, public fears, and expectations the government must ensure safety and clean air at all times for all ...more »

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What changes to strategy, organizational structure, capabilities, & infrastructure would be needed?:

Creation of a new mega-progam under USFA withiin the Department of Homeland Security.

More hiring, training, and salaries commensurate with CalFire model, i.e. "professionalization" of firefighting

A national firefighters union would likely emerge

A "soldier" model (versus science model) of firefighting

Most likely abandoning/weakening ESA, Clean Air Act, NEPA, and other legislation that currently required long-term planning and land management

Nationwide travel will end up being a requirement.

All incident model would be more likely, as firefighters are pulled for other disasters whenever needed.

What information could help mitigate the risks presented by this future?:

- Objective review and comparisons of salary/benefit/training models available in federal, state, local jurisdictions

- Study of most painless way for agency to facilitate/accept an employee union

- Public opinion (marketting-style) data on levels of fire/smoke tolerance vs. need to protect values


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