Future #2 – Super Fire Administration

Are these really the correct assumptions for Future #2?

If the scenario calls for a future super firefighting organization due to increasing wildfires and intense pressure to suppress to protect lives and communities. this does not necessarily imply a declining focus by the federal government on land management. Maybe it leads to an increasing role by states, tribes, communities, non-governmental organizations and private industry to increase their role in managing landscapes, ...more »

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What changes to strategy, organizational structure, capabilities, & infrastructure would be needed?:

If the natural gas industry can re-vitalize itself based on new technology, than the traditional wood utilization industry could too - maybe with some incentives and investments in some of the new wood and biomass utilization technologies being worked on.

What information could help mitigate the risks presented by this future?:

More emphasis on fuels reduction and biomass utilization approaches to assist with community protection is drastically needed. While important, fire suppression should be supported and maintained, but not be the focus of future efforts.


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