Future #3 – Resilient Landscapes

Imagine it is the year 2034. Reflect on how we got to the future described below. To participate, select “Give Input to Future(s).” (Note: When answering the questions, please imagine and envision ‘how could we get here?’ We want to understand the series of events that could lead to that future.)

FUTURE STATE: The public is increasingly confident in the abilities of the Federal wildland fire management community to protect lives, homes, and resources, and supports proactive wildland fire management. Prescribed burns are a readily accepted practice and have resulted in more resilient landscapes and lesser fuel loads. Public health and smoke issues are lower due to a selective approach to prescribed burns (e.g., in the winter season) that reduces ozone impacts and particulate matter in the air.

  • Required: What trends, events, or shocks (i.e. unexpected occurrences with major implications) could drive us to this future?
  • Optional: What changes to strategy, organizational structure, capabilities, and infrastructure would be necessary to address the future we are facing?
  • Optional:What information could help mitigate the risks presented by this future?
  • Optional:What information could help capitalize on opportunities presented by this future?