"Wild Card" Issues

Strengthen Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPPs) Standards

The CWPPs are plans that many communities rely upon to assess wildfire risk and vulnerabilities and act upon the information with well-informed strategies. There is some guidance as to how to develop the plans with approval at the State level. Some communities do well with them while others never create one. This lack of consistency with no national level guidance or review as to how to create and maintain the CWPP is an issue. It promotes a haphazard approach to wildfire community planning.


The federal government should create a standard that will be consistently implemented across the nation as to the development of CWPPs and frequency of updates. The standards will promote a variety of stakeholders, including political and federal officials, to be part of the process; regular updates to these plans (5, 7 or, 10 years) to ensure the risk (including climate change) is continued assessed and acted upon; and ensure a clear set of strategies that lead to both projects and integration into local planning mechanisms.



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