Future #3 – Resilient Landscapes

Healthy Future

- The agencies got wiser and more serious about educating the public and Congress for the long-term, rather than focusing on year-to-year funding issues.

- Agencies engaged all sectors of society in supporting activities which lead to this healthy, rationale future.

- Educated and every more vocal public began demanding more "fire prevention" (i.e. Rx fire) to check fire danger, perhaps even staging protests upon Congress, agencies, and on public lands, or threatening to take issue into their own hands by mass cutting of trees in forest, etc.

- We would have had to have a change in Congress, to a more rationale, collaborative mix of representatives willing to set aside personal gain and election goals for long-term interest of the country.

- Climate change predictions perhaps were not as bad as expected, so results of Rx fire were more obvious and this approach proved to be more manageable and effective than otherwise expected..



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