Evolving Risk in Public and Firefighter Safety

Critical Site Universal Blueprint

Interface Dwellers and Fire Fighters should understand how to strategically position all critical sites, where

1. All vegetation is converted to a shaded fuel break 200' around that which is to be protected. Trees thinned to have 25' space between crowns; pruned of ladder fuels up 12 feet high.

2. That there be 3 permanent circular control lines. First one 6 to 10 feet completely around structure. 2nd control line two feet wide 100' out from first circular control line. 3rd Control line out another 100' from the 2nd line, also two feet wide and meandering.


3. That homeowner and fire fighters understand how to use circular control line and wind together in order to black-line all circular control lines and always keep fame lengths under exact control.


4. That both interface dwellers and fire fighters understand how to black-line these circular control lines to establish a "Safety Harbor Area" from an on coming fire storm, and hat the three circular control lines serve as a check against accidental starts escaping out from the structure into the wild fuels.


5. Most importantly that both homeowners and fire fighters actually have training experience in doing black-lining of circular control lines around the home.


Remember the most basic of all fire line skills is perfecting the understanding of the battle cry, "The only complete line is black-line.



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