Changing Climatic Conditions Effects on Landscapes

Climate imperatives.

As I understand that the quadrennial is to make stabs into decades of future management it should go without saying that what we're looking at now is the beginning of the new paradigm.

That forests are our greatest single American resource in staving off and mitigating climate change.

In as much as that it is essential and imperative to act with consciousness and to be proactive.

We are facing the quintessential feedback effect.

It is essential that resources are acquired for mitigation and that research is fully funded.

There is a strong possibility that increasing climate struggle will lead to burn or to thin questions being moot and pointless.

As a human species it falls incumbent to concentrate on our obvious and apparent trevails, especially as demonstrated by the WUI.

The WUI, however, remains only a small portion of the disturbed forested environment.

We really do need to concentrate on the big picture, as well. And if that means thinning, or not, in disturbed forests, away from the WUI, then we really need to think about that.

If there is any one lesson of what we're up against is the interdependency of humans and the natural world.

Not just our little condos. Not just the one or two articles that tend to agree with our personal prejudices.



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